Saving your time, enhancing your wealth.

By becoming a client of Mackay Macpherson you will benefit from the Financial Control Programme. This step by step process will help you and your company control your ongoing tax liabilities and enhance your wealth. Where necessary we will restructure your corporate and personal affairs so that they are more robust, more tax efficient and provide enhanced returns.

Mackay Macpherson

The service we have developed over the last 20 years aims to meet 5 key objectives identified by many of our existing clients.

1. Taxation

You will have the reassurance that your corporate and personal financial affairs are arranged as tax efficiently as possible. For example this could include a reduction in corporation tax, income tax and inheritance tax.

2. Time Saving

You understand the amount of time you can save by employing a specialist firm who is able to cleverly manage your financial affairs. This will give you more free time for the things you enjoy.

3. Peace of Mind

You want to feel confident that your best interests are being considered and that you can trust us to be proactive on your behalf. You are looking for assurances that you will receive a professional and efficient service.

4. Security

You want to know that your financial affairs are under control and being optimised. If anything happened to you, you know that there is someone who has full details of your affairs and is in a position to look after your family and business interests.

5. Investment Management

In order to ensure that you extract maximum value from your hard earned money, it is important to ensure that once invested, it is managed efficiently. The benefit of a successfully managed portfolio can be dramatic and have a direct effect on both your standard of living and financial security.

In order to achieve good returns, it is necessary to provide a high level of service. Much of this will be unseen by you as our aim is to add value without adding demands on your time.

Ultimately, we will be judged on results, but we believe the functions of our advisory service play a vital role in its success.