Saving your time, enhancing your wealth.

As a specialist in providing advice to company directors and shareholders we can help you and your business develop the right strategies to maximise the use of company profits and minimise the payment of unnecessary tax to ensure that your family and business wealth is preserved for current and future generations.

Mackay Macpherson

This service provides a complete review of your business and personal investments.

This includes:

  • To advise on Corporate Investment Planning with surplus profits.
  • To advise on self administered pension schemes for directors and shareholders.
  • To provide specialist advice for owning business premises/assets via SPVs such as LLPs and self administered schemes.
  • To ensure that your portfolio is not exposed to more risk than you are happy with (or maybe creating a portfolio if you do not have one).

If any of these areas of planning sound attractive to you, we have the solutions for you so that your assets are protected and remain within the family.