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As a specialist in providing advice to company directors and shareholders we can help you and your business develop the right strategies to maximise the use of company profits and minimise the payment of unnecessary tax to ensure that your family and business wealth is preserved for current and future generations.

Mackay Macpherson

We assist individuals to substantially reduce their inheritance tax liability.

With inheritance tax payable at 40% on an individual�s estate, planning to reduce this liability is essential. The most important aspect in this area of planning is to ensure that your beneficiaries do not find their living standards reduced due to a large tax bill.

There are many things that can be done while you are still alive which leaves you in control of your assets, and that will reduce the amount of tax payable by your estate.

One simple example is to prepare a Will incorporating a Trust written by a specialist tax and probate lawyer. Such a simple strategy will save many thousands of pounds in tax for your family and ensure your assets end up in the hands of the correct beneficiaries.

In our experience, when reviewing client�s Wills, we find that most business owners have left their shares directly to their wives. Such planning can have disastrous consequences, with both the potential for loss of your personal wealth through future divorce as well as future inheritance tax liabilities. We provide solutions so that you are able to protect your estate against inheritance tax whilst at the same time ensuring that your business and personal wealth are protected for future generations.

If any of the issues listed above are of a concern to you, you should ensure that strategies are in place so that your assets are protected and remain within the family.