Saving your time, enhancing your wealth.

As a specialist in providing advice to company directors and shareholders we can help you and your business develop the right strategies to maximise the use of company profits and minimise the payment of unnecessary tax to ensure that your family and business wealth is preserved for current and future generations.

Mackay Macpherson

This area of advice ensures that you have a planned exit route from your business in order to transfer your business wealth to personal wealth in the most tax efficient and profitable manner.

Our discussions in this area would cover your long-term strategy relating to your shareholdings, family and succession concerns, commercial investments and other personal assets.

There will be a particular emphasis on what options you can pursue as part of an exit strategy, as well as the risks, particularly in terms of tax, and the ways to mitigate them. You will achieve a clearer vision of your objectives and of the different strategies to achieve them. More importantly, we will help you to implement your chosen strategies and we will add value to your long-term personal tax planning.

Succession planning or significant corporate restructuring can release tensions by allowing different individuals to pursue different interests. As such, this area of planning needs to be given careful consideration and time for implementation.

From our experience, we have found that the examples below are typical concerns of owners of private companies.

You may be keen to exit your business but are concerned by:

  • Family succession issues.
  • The ability to buy out existing shareholders.
  • A lack of buyers, or
  • The offers you have received are below your expectation.

Would you:

  • Like some cash now but are not quite ready to retire?
  • Like to exit your business tax efficiently?
  • Retain control in the process until fully paid?

You are:

  • Probably in your 50s/60s.
  • Value your company at more than what you may get on the open market.
  • Have stable and loyal employees that you want to retain and reward.

You are concerned:

  • About losing value in your company and other commercial and personal assets to the taxman?
  • About the sale of shares to new investors as there is likely to be a grooming process to prepare a business for new investors, a trade sale or for a management buy-out. What are the risks and what you can do to reduce them?

If any of the issues listed above are of a concern to you, you should ensure that strategies are in place so that your assets are protected and remain within the family.