Saving your time, enhancing your wealth.

We have a transparent fee structure, if we cannot add value you will not be charged.

Mackay Macpherson

On joining the Financial Control Programme there will be an initial fee and an ongoing monthly fee. This initial fee also covers our creativity and allows us to undertake detailed research to offer bespoke and specific advice and have time to liaise with your other professional advisers in order that we are able to produce your report.

The monthly fee covers:

  • the organisation and monitoring of your affairs
  • redefining your ongoing situation
  • making recommendations where appropriate
  • retaining our services to allow us to continue gathering information and providing proactive strategies for you and your company.

Additional Fees

Products, solutions and strategies recommended in the months and years ahead which may be adopted will each have their own associated fee structure. This may include a design fee, an implementation fee and a file management fee where ongoing maintenance or advice is required.

Our Pledge To You

We are so confident we can help to reduce the amount of corporate and personal tax that, if having carried out an assessment of your position we discover that we cannot save you money, we will refund the cost of our initial fees.

This puts you in a win-win situation. In the unlikely event of us being unable to save you money, at least you will have the reassuring knowledge that your affairs are as tax efficient as possible. And it won�t have cost you a penny. The more likely scenario is that we�ll be able to save you a considerable amount, much more in fact than the cost of our work.