Saving your time, enhancing your wealth.

Our Financial Control Programme is designed to provide all core services required by clients who appreciate the benefit of having their financial affairs actively managed.

Mackay Macpherson

By becoming a client of Mackay Macpherson you will benefit from the Financial Control Programme which is a step by step process to help you and your company control your ongoing tax liabilities and enhance your wealth.

Initially, this involves a full investigation of your corporate and personal affairs. We will need to undertake detailed research and have time to liaise with your other professional advisors.

We will then present you with our findings in the form of a detailed and bespoke report which will assess and offer specific advice regarding your current position and tax issues.

Together we will then agree your planning agenda for the implementation of the required strategies and solutions. We will then implement these for you, reviewing your strategy regularly. As with our other clients we hope to establish a long term relationship with you in order to develop consistent tax and financial planning strategies and to work closely with your other advisors.